Lawler admits pushing for lawsuit, anticipated fix being in with Matassa criminal fee payoff

District 7 Councilman Aaron Lawler

We read with interest Councilman Aaron Lawler’s recap of Thursday’s Parish Council proceeding, specifically the 7-2 vote to pay criminal legal fees incurred by President Kenny Matassa.  Lawler wrote:

Dec. 5 Council Meeting Recap

5. On a 7-2 vote the Council approved the payment of President Matassa’s legal fees. Chair women Casso and I voted “NO”, Councilman Dawson was absent, Councilman Satterlee left the meeting just before the vote and the others on the council voted yes. I anticipated this possibility, which is why I pushed to sue our insurer and agent to force them to provide coverage which they wrongly denied. If this lawsuit proceeds as I fully confident it will, the parish will be reimbursed the total paid for the legal fees and our legal fees, thus result in zero tax dollars being paid for the Presidents legal fees. Absent this lawsuit, the taxpayer would be stuck with the full bill.

So, he knew the fix was in?  What an indictment of his council colleagues by Lawler.

We have long been a proponent of dismissing the suit in question, believing it to be wholly without merit.  If Lawler believes otherwise, let him be the face of this litigation assuming it progresses.