Institutionally corrupt and cowardly council pays Matassa legal fees

Institutionally corrupt and cowardly, the Parish Council sold out on Thursday.  A last minute agenda addition, followed by a closed door meeting and summary vote to pay off President Kenny Matassa, and they wonder why six of their number won’t be back in January.

A lawsuit devoid of merit and going nowhere fast (you’ve got Councilman Aaron Lawler to thank for those wasted tax dollars), Kenny’s cronies ponied up to provide a parting gift to the most corrupt parish president in Ascension’s 25-year experiment with Home Rule.  $231,829 in fees to defend a felony bribery charge in 2017-18, Matassa is set to join six council members in the trash bin of local history. (Maybe not since he is rumored to be challenging Gonzales City Councilman Harold Stewart next fall).

Four of those outgoing council members…

voted in the 7-member majority.  All things being equal, maybe $231,829 is not so steep a price to pay to rid parish government of Matassa and his pals.  They were joined by…

Cagnolatti and Turner added their names to Matassa’s in securing placement on Thursday’s agenda, the last Regular Meeting for 2019,  No surprise there given their ties to the City of Gonzales which oft supersedes any supposed loyalty to a disparate parish.

What is there left to say about Dempsey Lambert?  How he hung on for a 37-vote reelection on October 12 will continue to mystify us.

All in all it was perfectly fitting for this council to go out this way.  Unfortunately, there is a Special Meeting scheduled for December 16 at which the currently configured membership will get to decide the fate of…