If character really does count, Orgeron will resign from Parish Council

In the wake of Monday night’s East Ascension Drainage District debacle, another in an established pattern of meltdowns by Corey Orgeron, discussions of the District 4 councilman’s removal from the Governing Authority are being had.  For his part, Orgeron denied that he is contemplating resignation, only “taking a step back from his duties as councilman for a time.”  We can only wonder how his constituents feel about the absence.

From Day 1 the combative councilman entrenched himself in the anti-Clint Cointment cadre.  For him to say (as reported by WAFB’s Lester Duhe) “even though him and Clint Cointment disagree a lot, they respect one another” evidences serious delusion on Orgeron’s part, or he is telling another in a long series of LIES.  If Cointment does, in fact, “respect” Corey Orgeron his judgment and fitness to lead Ascension as its chief executive is called into question.

The veteran council hands of Teri Casso, Aaron Lawler and Dempsey Lambert are far from clean when it comes to derailing the Cointment administration (may as well lump Alvin “Coach” Thomas and John Cagnolatti in too), and the parish president certainly could have handled himself in a more tactful manner sometimes.  But that can, regrettably, be attributed to politics as usual at a time when poor behavior on a partisan basis has overtaken the national body politic at every level.

Interview of President Clint Cointment being interrupted by Councilman Corey Orgeron.

Orgeron’s behavior is something different altogether.  The jury is in when it comes to Orgeron’s fitness.  He lacks character and sound judgment.

WAFB quoted Orgeron further “unless we put William Roux overseeing the activities of the drainage board, it’s going to be the same old same old. We have to take politics out of drainage…People use digging ditches to get votes.”  Does Orgeron fail to grasp that Roux oversaw drainage for 18 years, ending an often ignominious tenure with a quiet resignation in 2018.

The proposition that Bill Roux’s involvement in EA Drainage, in any capacity, will “take the politics out” is as asinine as any statement we have ever heard emanate from the governing authority.  And that is saying something.  Compounding things is the fact that Orgeron was issued a criminal citation, in lieu of processing him through Ascension Parish Jail, for a Simple Battery charge after an October 15 altercation with a client.

Not everyone is suited for public life.  Orgeron’s continued “service” on Ascension’s Parish Council will only make things worse.  He has demonstrated no ability to control himself or, worse yet, his disgraceful conduct has all been intentional.

Other elected officials and, so called, “community leaders” are discussing an approach to Corey Orgeron in the hope of convincing him to go away peacefully.  His council mates have also discussed it.

The rough and tumble of internecine council combat is one thing; castigating ordinary citizens justifiably frustrated by the bad behavior is quite another.  If Corey Orgeron does have a shred of character, not to mention decency; if he cares about Ascension Parish and its citizens at all, he will


NOTE:  While we have no expectation that Orgeron will do so, here’s hoping his break from council meetings has a calming effect.  Hopefully, it is an extended sabbatical. 

Ascension Parish Home Rule Charter 4-20.  Forfeiture of Office:

“Whenever any member of the governing authority…fails to attend meetings without good cause for a period of three (3) consecutive months…the office shall be forfeited.”