How long will developers be allowed to pump silt into parish waterways?

Smith Bayou

Recent revelations that Ascension Parish violated the federal Clean Water Act culminated in the hiring of Malcolm Sayes to oversee Stormwater Management, intended to regulate runoff from construction sites reaching the parish’s already impaired waterways.  Among the worst offenders, Brookstone Subdivision, was cited during Thursday’s council debate over the 3′ max fill ordinance successfully vetoed by President Kenny Matassa.  Sayes has his work cut out for him as constructions across the parish seem to be pumping silt-laden water into those waterways.

Camellia Cove on Boudreaux Rd, pumping directly into Smith Bayou

“How long are we going to allow these developers to flout our laws?” wondered Jeff Pettit who provided the photos above.  “Too many of our waterways are silted in already.  It is an absolute travesty that this illegal behavior is allowed to continue.”

Jamestown Crossing development along Hwy 930

Jamestown Crossing development pumping directly into Muddy Creek

Oak Grove Townhouses detention pond [May 13], being pumped into Willow Lake

Willow Lake a few weeks ago