Grand Old Party has to do better

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  1. Maybe it is time to defund the police.
  2. Laughing Academy IV: Citizens on Patrol
  3. Badges?  We don’t need no stinking badges.
  4. They do know the election is not for Chief of Poli..oh, nevermind.
  5. “You’re not drawing a psycho pension. You really are crazy!” (apologies to Riggs and Murtaugh)
  6. Lukewarm Fuzz

The Republican brand just ain’t what it used to be.  Is there any wonder the Grand Old Party is imploding when it ceases to take elections seriously, nominating the fringiest of the fringe without the ability to articulate anything like a coherent platform nor intelligibly discuss any issues? (In 2020 the Republican Convention did not even bother to put forth a platform, just whatever the sitting president wanted).

It was not good enough, and the Chicken Littles in the GOP have come home to roost.

If you haven’t heard, the opposing party (the blue one, which is every bit as disagreeable) retained control of the US Senate as the Nevada contest was called for Democrat incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto last night.  The Democrats will probably even add a seat after Herschel Walker spits the bit on December 6, when the Georgia seat will be decided in a runoff.  (Walker is still the most dominant running back in college football history, for what that’s worth).

How the GOP came up with such a cartoonish roster of nominees should be the topic of another post-mortem forensic audit (see 2012 presidential election).

The Republican Party deserves its fate.  Maybe unquestioning fealty to any individual (Donald Trump in this instance) is not such a great idea.  While it appears that Republicans will wrest the majority in the House of Representatives, the margin might be so close that the far-right (it is certainly not conservative in the traditional sense) whack-job caucus will have a field day.

It should, though, be able to rein in certain of the Biden Administration’s worst tendencies toward excess (fingers crossed).  The GOP has got to do better or there are tougher times ahead.


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