Gonzales undertakes drainage improvement along Hwy 30

Box culverts designed to allow flow from north to south under Hwy 30

As part of a broader drainage improvement effort the City of Gonzales cleaned out five large box culverts, and several roadside ditches, routing water under Hwy 30 to Boyle Bayou which flows southeast into Bayou Conway toward the Town of Sorrento.  The gravity flow system has been compromised over the decades, rampant development south of the city blamed by many, though Boyle Bayou has been silting in for quite some time.  As the search for solutions continues, Gonzales officials and their Ascension Parish counterparts hope these corrective measures provide some immediate relief around the Hwy 30 corridor.

According to the City Hall:

“This year, the city has experienced two unprecedented, localized rain events that caused flooding for residents, heightening the urgency of more effective flood mitigation.  On July 6th, the city received nearly six inches of rain in less than two hours, resulting in flooding for areas never flooded before.  According to the US Geological Survey, this was the most intense volume of rain ever recorded at this location.”

City of Gonzales confronting more acute drainage issues

Flash-flooding has become a serious issue in many areas of Gonzales (and Ascension Parish, by the way).  Cleaning/clearing ditches and culverts, while necessary, will not solve all the city’s issues, nor those of the parish.  More robust measures are being contemplated and we will examine them in the coming days.

The City of Gonzales accomplished:

  1. Cleared the roadside ditch on Philippe
  2. Cleared the concrete-lined ditch behind Philippe from Orice Roth to Hwy 30
  3. Cleared the five huge box culverts by Ashley Furniture under Hwy 30
  4. Cleared roadside ditches on both sides of Remy Robert to the Philippe lateral
  5. Cleared the concrete-lined ditch from Orice Roth to Hwy 30 at Philippe Park
  6. Cleared the ditches near Kennedy Heights & Helen’s Way from Orice Roth to Hwy 30
  7. Cleared the ditches behind Richland Estates from the detention pond to Hwy 30

Ascension Parish pitched in with:

  1. Cleared the muck under Hwy 44 from the west to the east side.
  2. Cleared ditches on the west side of Arbor Crossing development to the Philippe lateral

Louisiana DOTD:

  1. Cleaned out the right of way under I-10 that takes water from the Conway development. Senator Ed Price and Representative Ken Brass are working to secure funding for a pumping station near Hwy 70.
  2. Dug out the southside of Hwy 30 from Darla Street to the Philippe lateral.
  3. Dug out the northside of Hwy 30 from Hwy 44 (Burnside Ave) to the Philippe lateral. (The Heritage Crossing development cleared out the south side in the same area).
  4. Dug out the eastside of Hwy 44 from Hwy 30 to the Philippe lateral.
  5. Removed a manufactured obstruction constructed in the drainage on Hwy 30 near Dianne Avenue.