Gonzales targets July for commencement of PACE Center construction

Artists rendering of PACE Center

On Monday the City Council approved issuance of the Request for Qualifications for Construction Management of Gonzales’ Performing Arts, Conference & Events (PACE) Center; targeting July for construction to commence.  With a total estimated construction cost of $7.4 million, proposals must be received by May 10, then reviewed by the five-member Selection Review Committee which can, if deemed necessary, conduct in-person interviews on May 26-27.  The committee’s recommendation will be made to the council where ultimate authority lies, and will be executed on June 14.

The Selection Review Committee shall be comprised of:

  • Chad Lynch, Design Professional
  • Danny Montelepre, Licensed Contractor
  • Jackie Baumann, City of Gonzales
  • Ken Dawson, Community Member at Large
  • Robert Burgess, Community Member at Large

Each member will score received proposals based on predetermined “Evaluation Criteria (100 points)”, broken down as follows:

  • Company Organization & History-15 points
  • Qualifications of Team-25 points
  • Proven Success-25 points
  • Firm Stability-10 points
  • Project Understanding & Approach-25 points

The city “intends to use the Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) delivery method of construction” because, among a list of mostly incomprehensible reasons to the lay reader:

  • The method will facilitate completion of the Project within the established budget and an agreed upon Guaranteed Maximum Price…and completion of the Project within an agreed upon maximum construction duration.

The subject RFQ includes under Section 3.2 CMAR SCOPE-Development of Design & Construction Documents:

“The Design Team proceeds with 30%, 60%, 90%, and 100% (final plans), collaborating with the City of Gonzales and the CMAR Contractor on design decisions and constructability.  At the end of each milestone listed above, the Design Team submits Plans and Specifications for the CMAR Contractor and the City of Gonzales’ review, comments, and suggestions.  During each of these Development stages, the CMAR Contractor…”

  • Prepares a CPM Project Schedule in accordance with the Contracts requirements and performs a constructability reviews;
  • Offers suggestions for construction phasing and innovative design and material alternatives;
  • Reviews the Plans and Specifications with comments to improve the plans for constructability, construction logistics, et al.;
  • Develops a list of Value-Engineering suggestions for cost savings and impacts on the design, scope and schedule.  Only items approved by the City of Gonzales will be accepted for future documentation.