Gonzales Council annexes four acres near Airline/Purpera Road intersection

Viewed from Purpera, uninstalled drainage pipe visible in foreground (August).  The grass was cut once since the end of August, the pipe remains.

Gonzales’ City Council unanimously annexed two tracts of land, totaling just over 4 acres, east of Purpera Rd between Airline Hwy and the railroad tracks on Monday; but not without some angst.  Councilman Kirk Boudreaux noted with some disdain that the property owner, Expert Maintenance Services (owned by James Moore), has failed to maintain the acreage since bringing in fill material a few years ago.  Boudreaux acquiesced, seemingly, to give the city some regulatory power to enforce upkeep.

Moore had attempted to convince the city to run water lines to his acreage without annexation, availing the property of sewer treatment on the cheap…something Ascension Parish cannot do.  That request was rebuffed in one of the city’s wiser decisions.

“(The property) looks terrible; weeds, grass and concrete,” Boudreaux explained his reticence.

City Attorney Matt Percy alerted the councilman that annexing the four acres into the city would provide an enforcement mechanism which seemed to satisfy Boudreaux who called on responsible city personnel.

“Send a letter tomorrow (alerting the property owner to maintain its property),” Boudreaux requested.  “If it’s not done in a timely manner we will cut it.”

In which case the city would charged a hefty bill.

The subject property is surrounded by tracts zoned B-1 (Business), C-1 (Commercial), and I-1 (Industrial).