Frank Cagnolatti resigns from Gonzales Planning Commission

Frank Cagnolatti and Terry Richey (file photo).

Frank Cagnolatti, one of the truly good guys who cares deeply about the City of Gonzales, resigned his chairmanship on the city’s Planning & Zoning Commission recently due to health concerns.  On Monday the City Council appointed Ralph Rebowe to assume Cagnolatti’s seat on the commission, but Frank Cagnolatti can never be replaced.  The perfect demeanor to conduct city planning business; firm but fair, tolerant but tough, he presided over Planning & Zoning during a period of unprecedented population growth in the city.

Serving much of his tenure alongside Terry Richey, they brought a keen perspective on what Gonzales had been…and where it was going.  Richey’s February 25, 2018 passing sapped some of the energy from the commission, no one feeling the loss more acutely than the former chairman.

“I’d planned to serve on the commission until they led me away in handcuffs,” Frank Cagnolatti quipped on Tuesday.  “But the time has come to step aside and leave the job to someone else.”

In synergy with Richey, the total was greater than the sum of its parts. Devoted citizens who took their duties seriously, always prepared because they put in the time and effort, the City of Gonzales will miss the duo.

“Nobody cared more about, and worked harder to ensure, the City of Gonzales’ well-being than Mr. Frank,” assured Mayor Barney Arceneaux.  “As with Terry Richey, he leaves awful big shoes to fill on the commission.”