Employees cannot be required to pay for mandatory COVID testing

District 88 Representative Kathy Edmonston

Some employers in Ascension Parish are requiring their employees to test for COVID-19 in lieu of taking the jab and making them pay the cost of the test.  In some cases, the test is required weekly.

Requiring the test is not a problem, but making the employee pay for the cost is prohibited under Louisiana law.  Employers in Louisiana must pay for the cost of anything they require for employment according to LA RS 23.897.

LA RS 23 §897. Medical and other examinations, fingerprinting, requiring employee to pay for, prohibited; enforcement of provisions; civil and criminal penalties

  1. Except as provided in Subsection K of this Section and in R.S. 23:634(B), it is unlawful for any public or private employer to require any employee or applicant for employment to pay or to in any manner pass on to the applicant or to withhold from an employee’s pay the cost of fingerprinting, a medical examination, or a drug test, or the cost of furnishing any records available to the employer or required by the employer as a condition of employment.

If you or anyone you know is being asked to pay for Covid testing to keep their job, please encourage them to share the above information with their employer.

Rep. Edmonston offers, “If our office can be of assistance in these or other matters, do not hesitate to call 225-647-5646 or email hse088@legis.la.gov.   Please leave a name and number if you want a call back.  I send greetings for a joyous Christmas holiday and a safe and prosperous New Year.”