Edmonston: No Covid Shot Mandate for School-Aged Children

District 88 Representative Kathy Edmonston

Thirteen other Louisiana House Republicans have joined Representative Edmonston in a letter to State Superintendent Cade Brumley to address the FDA Authorization of Covid shots for students.

The recent FDA authorization for 5–11 year olds to receive the Covid shot is under emergency use  as an experimental drug. A drug under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) cannot be mandated.  Once the Advisory Council on Immunization Practices (ACIP)expands the use of the shot to this younger group, it will be available for distribution.

The likelihood of children of this age group with no comorbidities to survive from Covid is

99.9973 %. Their immune system is more robust. The number one risk factor for Covid is age.

Parents and legal guardians have authority under Louisiana Children’s Code Article 101 to make medical decisions for their minor children.  Informed consent must be given by parents of those receiving the shot and they must know they have the right to refuse.

Representative Edmonston states, “The Covid shot is not mandated for school-aged children.  As a responsible party, you as a parent can write a note to the school where your child attends and alert them that you are declining the Covid shot for your child.”

We would note the Covid virus, like influenza, is not a “vaccine preventable” disease and according to LA RS 17:170 A, it should not be placed on the list of required immunizations for students.