Edmonston bills to combat discrimination against those who don’t get COVID vaccine

District 88 Representative Kathy Edmonston

Submitted by Representative Edmonston’s office:

With the continued restrictions related to COVID-19 on Louisiana’s citizens, Rep. Kathy Edmonston would like to ensure that any future developments do not cause further restrictions that will do more harm than good.  To this end she has filed two bills related to vaccinations and immunity status.

HB 349 prohibits requiring vaccination verification or immunity status for issuance, renewal or revocation of a drivers’ license or special identification card.  This will ensure that all citizens will have driving privileges regardless of their vaccine status.

The second bill, HB 498, prohibits discrimination by government agencies and officials on the basis of vaccination or immunity status.

Rep. Edmonston says, “The intent of this legislation is that all citizens will be treated the same whether they have or have not had a vaccination.”

The federal government is paying for the vaccines, so that they will be free to all citizens.  While the federal government is not mandating vaccines and they cannot under the Emergency Use Authorization, the Biden administration is giving guidance for private entities and corporations in the development of vaccine passports for Americans.  The FDA has not approved the COVID-19 shots, since they are experimental and are in a two-year emergency status.

The 2021 Legislative Session begins on April 12th.  To review the proposed legislation, go to legis.la.gov and click on “Bills” on the upper left of the screen.  You can look for bills by author or by number.

If you have any issues or concerns, Kathy can be reached by emailing her office at hse088@legis.la.gov or by calling 225-647-5646.