Edmonston applauds Superintendent Brumley’s quarantine policy

Superintendent Cade Brumley has instituted a policy for local school districts to allow parents the option to decide whether their child should be quarantined after having contact with a COVID positive person.  Interruptions in educational instruction due to the policies instituted by outside agencies has wreaked havoc on our schools.  Children have been unnecessarily harmed educationally, socially, and emotionally.

Representative Edmonston believes that students who are sick should stay home and recover. Students who are not should be allowed to attend classes.  This is how sickness has been dealt with historically.  Never before have we quarantined healthy people.  Quarantining healthy children has caused students to unnecessarily miss school and has resulted in many unintended academic consequences.

“I applaud Superintendent Brumley’s new policy that allows local control, gives parents’ choice, and encourages students to continue attending classes when they are healthy.” stated Kathy, “I welcome this common-sense approach.”

Representative Edmonston served in the Ascension Parish school system for almost twenty-five years facilitating parents and teachers to ensure success for students.  She also served in an elected position on the Board of Elementary Secondary Education (BESE) for four years from 2016-2019.  BESE oversees the school systems in the state of Louisiana.

District 88 Representative

Kathy Edmonston