EA Drainage approves $400,000 for Sorrento ditch maintenance by 6-3 vote

On Monday a 6-3 vote of East Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage District #1 approved a “Not to Exceed” amount of $400,000 for Sorrento Ditch Maintenance.  The vote came after months of consideration in multiple Executive Sessions, years of lobbying by Sorrento Councilman Donald Schexnaydre, and the threat of legal action from the municipality.

Sorrento had requested $417,000 in work.

Councilman Schexnaydre, ever persistent, remained skeptical since “the deal is not done until we have a signed Cooperative Endeavor Agreement.”

The skepticism could be well-founded amid rumblings that lame-duck parish president Kenny Matassa does not want to allocate funding toward the town’s roadside drainage ditches.  Three Parish Council members, doubling as Drainage Commissioners, sided with the president.  In opposition: