EA Drainage/EBR to enter Bayou Manchac cleaning/snagging agreement

East Ascension Drainage District is scheduled to approve a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with East Baton Rouge Parish on Monday, to jointly clean out Bayou Manchac (actually the governmental entities are contracting with Chem Spray South, Inc. to do it).  On October 13 EBR’s Metro Council adopted a resolution authorizing the CEA “to provide clearing and snagging of the Bayou Manchac Channel from Amite River to the parish line of Ascension, Iberville and East Baton Rouge Parish.

The CEA envisions that EBR will “piggyback upon a contract between Chem Spray South, Inc. (CCSI)” and EA Drainage because…

 “The boundary line between East Baton Rouge Parish and Ascension Parish is Bayou Manchac, and with the recent rain events and flooding, both parishes feel it would be beneficial to the citizens of both parishes to work together to clean out Bayou Manchac.

EBR agrees to be responsible for all costs of maintaining the EBR side of Bayou Manchac, and will comply with all provisions of the contract between EAD and CSSI.