Drainage/transportation projects ongoing in and around Gonzales

New River section as of July 12

As dredging of New River approaches the western city limits of Gonzales, the former state of that waterway really comes into view.  Consider the photo above (July 12), which is a depiction of the same stretch as shown below…

as of June 30 above.  Another image…

As of Tuesday the dredging operation had proceeded eastward to within a 100 yards or so from Gonzales’ city limits.

Proceeding apace, New River dredging is not the only drainage improvement ongoing in Gonzales.  At the Hwy 30/Burnside Ave intersection…

Hwy 30/Burnside Ave intersection

improvements have been undertaken privately as part of the road improvements to accommodate Ochsner Hospital’s Hwy 30 entrance. It is part of the gravity drainage system including Boyle Bayou, which has been approved for final application.  $6 million is allocated according to Gonzales City Engineer Jackie Baumann..,

Detention basins identified by blue circles. Blue line-Panama Canal; Red line-Bayou Conway; Green line-Boyle Bayou (December 2020)

who provided the City Council a status update on Monday.  Geotechnical and design are the next steps toward fruition.

In other infrastructure news, Municipal Planning Organization (MPO) approved $12.8 million worth of additional funding to the $7 million already allocated toward Hwy 30 roundabouts.  Now fully funded according to Baumann, a utility relocation permit was submitted on May 10 without a letter of objection.