DOTD delays Hwy 30 roundabout bidding until March

Traffic congestion is problem on Hwy 30 inside the City of Gonzales and westward where the petrochemical industry dominates acreage along the Mississippi River (paying the bulk of taxes for all that is good in Ascension Parish, even with the Industrial Tax Exemption Program).  During the last meeting of Gonzales City Council in 2023 it was announced that three inner-city roundabouts along Hwy 30 will be let out for bid by Louisiana DOTD, a decade after announcing the project.

That announcement was rescinded by DOTD which delayed the bid process until March (of 2023 we assume).  That is according to Gonzales’ City Engineer’s regular report for the January 9 Council meeting.

A decade (or so) behind schedule, what’s another two months?