Delaune Estates withdraws settlement offer, meeting to override Cointment veto canceled

Parish President Clint Cointment has announced that the Special Meeting he called for April 22 (Thursday), to afford the Parish Council to override his veto, has been  that

In a letter just published, Cointment wrote:

This afternoon, April 21, 2021 I received notification from the attorney’s in reference to the Delaune vs. Ascension Parish lawsuit, that their offer of the settlement has been formally withdrawn.  The special council meeting that was to be held this Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 5:30 pm has been canceled.  Therefore, the veto resolution stands.

Six days ago, April 15, a 6-5 majority of the Parish Council voted to settle the pending litigation by accepting the “offer of settlement” referenced by Cointment’s letter.  The developer of Delaune Estates agreed to reduce the number of lots in its twice-denied preliminary plat in return for approval of said plat.  The plat contains 237 lots on 86 (+/-) acres west of Hwy 73 for the subdivision originally called Antebellum Pointe.

No action has been taken to prosecute the Delaune’s suit, filed in September and not even served on the party-defendants until December.  Nothing prevents the subdivision developer from re-filing the preliminary plat with Ascension’s Planning Commission since more than 12 months have elapsed since it was denied on March 11, 2020.  That is what the smart money expects them to do.