Aaron Lawler supports Higher Density residential for Ascension

District 7 Councilman Aaron Lawler

Reading Councilman Aaron Lawler’s latest social media diatribe against an unnamed candidate, we are reminded of the adage (variously attributed to Mark Twain and Abraham Lincoln, you can’t go wrong there):

‘Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.

Lawler, to the delight of Kim Christy and Devin Graham, apparently does not understand the development density scheme embodied in Ascension’s Unified Land Development Code (ULDC).  Multiple candidates for Parish Council have declared their intention not to support increased density as recommended in a newly-enacted Master Land Use Plan.  “Short-sighted and ludicrous” according to Lawler who seems to think “density” is the same thing as “population.”

Currently, the ULDC and Zoning regulations include three categories for residential density; Conservation-one lot per acre, Rural-two lots per acre, and RM-Medium Intensity Residential-three lots per acre.  The Code also includes Mixed Use categories which include apartment complexes and commercial.

Ludicrous, according to Lawler, for any candidate to say he/she “will never vote to increase density.”

“This means not another house or any other housing structure being built again in this parish,” Lawler declared.


Given Lawler’s behind the scenes maneuvering to get two subdivisions (Oak Grove Townhouses and Jamestown Crossing) approved which had no business on the Planning Commission’s agenda, we have little doubt that he favors higher density (which, while not the same thing, will certainly increase population).  Even if that never happens, developers can still build three houses per acre in Medium Intensity Residential-zoned acreage, which takes in nearly every subdivision approved since the beginning of 2014.

For what it’s worth, here’s the rest of Lawler’s “ludicrous” post: