Council adopts increased Transportation Impact Fee on new construction

Ascension’s Parish Council, seven of 11 members in attendance on Thursday, voted to increase the Base Fee assessed for Transportation Impact of new construction.  The yearly adjustment, tied to New Construction Cost Index, is a 9.96% increase as a moratorium on subdivision of property expired on Tuesday. The Fee Schedule delineates separate and distinct land usage, the more traffic anticipated coming with a heftier impact fee.

Absent were council members Travis Turner, Corey Orgeron, Chase Melancon, and Teri Casso.

Currently the Base Fee for Single Family Detached Dwellings less than 2,000 square feet is $2,816, collected at 70% ($2,253) on the east bank versus 35% on the west bank ($986).  With the 9.96% increase the total Impact Fee will increase to $3,096, currently collected at 80% of the total, $2,477.

The Impact Fee dates back to April 7, 2016 when the Council decided to collect 70% of the total, increasing to 80% in 2022 as part of June 3, 2021 ordinance amendment, gradually reaching 100% collection.  Ordinance 19-51 was amended (red text reflect changes) to read; “The impact fees shall be assessed at the following percentages of the base fee schedule:

(1) East service area (east of the Mississippi River): Eighty (80) percent, effective December 31, 2021; Ninety (90) percent, effective December 31, 2022; and One-Hundred (100) percent, effective December 31, 2023.

35% Impact Fee collection is still the rule west of the Mississippi River.

The newly-adopted Fee Schedule: