Corey “the Bald-Faced Liar” Orgeron is at it again

Corey Orgeron (the bald face of a liar-from his Facebook page]

Since a certain District 4 candidate has seen fit to drag your editor into his disinformation campaign, see below, we decided to join the discourse.  If we were in the habit of sugar-coating things we’d say of Corey Orgeron; “he’s got a penchant for hyperbole and a tenuous grasp of the facts.”  Since we aren’t, let’s call Orgeron what he is:

A Liar and Hypocrite

Initially we considered the possibility that Orgeron simply was not very bright; but the Bar Exam, while a minimum competency test, does weed out the hopeless dullards.  Unfortunately, it is not designed to determine one’s propensity for prevarication. Orgeron has a history of it.

He disseminated some whoppers during his failed campaign for a School Board seat last year.

Reckless disregard for truth, or bald-faced LIAR?

Having outperformed expectations he’s continued to propagate one false narrative after another in his challenge of incumbent, Daniel “Doc” Satterlee.  As to Orgeron’s unsupported claims against Satterlee below, we leave the incumbent to address same as surely he will.  The accusations leveled at your editor or another matter.

Corey Orgeron – Ascension Parish Council District 4What record are you speaking of Mr. Brown? The one that indicates Mr. Satterlee has had 8 years to address drainage in District 4 and has failed to get anything done to protect our neighbors? Rather than drink the Koolaid of the new old boys gang led by Wade Petite (disbarred lawyer, drug addict, atheist and Doc Satterlee’s closest ally and confidant) you should research for yourself. Better yet, give me a call and ask. I would share with you my record of boots on the ground helping neighbors along Bayou Manchac after the 2016 flood while my opponent was at his home in Slidell ignoring the pleas of our neighbors. I would show you the number of times I have discussed these issues with our state and federal officials, the individuals that influence how those dollars are spent. I could provide you with evidence that not only have I attended council meetings, particularly those following the 2016 flood, I offered to sit on various parish boards and that I currently serve on the Parish Board of Adjustments. Finally, I would share my record of aiding over 250 families following the 2016 flood with their FEMA and insurance applications – AT NO CHARGE, because I believe in Service to Others. If you don’t want to believe me, I would introduce you to the thousands of Christian families that attend our local churches and ask them about my record of supporting their faiths. I would direct you to the teachers and school board employees who see me regularly helping at their schools. You see Mr. Brown, the people you choose to “believe” are embarrassed to admit that their 8 years in power has failed the people while lining their pockets. Today traffic is worse than it was 8 years ago; we are more susceptible to flooding than we were 8 years ago; and our children are leaving home because my opponent has made Ascension Parish an unfriendly option for small business. In fact, the only thing that Ascension Parish Government has gained over the last 8 years is animosity, angst and distrust from the people they serve. Of course, it’s not my opponent’s fault – he’s just a dumb old chicken doctor (his words – not mine).

As we’ve been compelled to do on a few occasions, including once when Orgeron misstated the facts, we set the record straight.

But first we challenge Orgeron to share his “record of boots on the ground helping neighbors along the Bayou Manchac.”  Show everyone “the number of times (you) have discussed these issues with our state and federal officials….Provide (the) evidence that not only have (you) attended council meetings, (you) offered to sit on various parish boards.”

Let’s see proof that you aided “over 250 families following the 2016 flood with their FEMA and insurance applications-AT NO CHARGE…Introduce (us) to the thousands of Christian families that attend our local churches” so the voters of District 4 can “ask them about (your) record of supporting their faiths” if you think it’s relevant to your candidacy.  “Direct (voters) to the teachers and school board employees who see (you) regularly helping at their schools.”

Why wouldn’t you, given the likelihood of garnering electoral support?  Curious that you have not done so already.  Well, maybe not so much given your failure to pay agreed upon Homeowners Association dues at Prairie Oaks Subdivision.

necessitating legal action against Orgeron to enforce payment, plus court costs in a July 19, 2015 judgement (see documents above).

By the way, is it true that you, Corey Orgeron, were that HoA’s Treasurer until forced off the Board when certain discrepancies were discovered in the accounts?  Something about secret invoices received from a certain local law firm? Invoices paid surreptitiously from the HoA’s accounts?

Any thoughts Orgeron would care to offer would be greatly appreciated and disseminated forthwith.

Now, to Orgeron’s accusations about your editor.

  • I was never disbarred as evidenced by…

the Supreme Court’s Order declaring my ineligibility was recalled a mere 41 days after its issuance.  The document was published in our earlier post about Orgeron, linked above, as was the latest correspondence from the Attorney Disciplinary Board…

 evidencing the opportunity to apply for “return to the active practice of law” if I so choose, i.e. not disbarred.  Orgeron, a lawyer himself we are told, certainly grasps this.  We’re fairly certain he is aware of both documents since he whined to another candidate about the aforementioned link popping up when he Googled his name.

He may want to brush up on Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board’s Rules of Professional Conduct.  Rule 8.4 Misconduct:

“It is professional misconduct for a lawyer to:

(c) Engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.”

  • I’ve been in recovery from my drug addiction for 13 years, with a clean date of May 3, 2006.  I take little offense at Orgeron’s intended slight since there is a school of thought in the recovery community, one that I subscribe to as it happens, “once an addict always an addict.”  Every day I’m clean and sober is a day to be cherished, understanding just how fortunate I am.

One thing I am not; a hypocrite, which brings me to Orgeron’s final accusation.

  • I consider myself an agnostic which means, very simply, that I don’t know and I freely admit that “I don’t know.”

Neither does Corey Orgeron, by the way, his professions of piety and Christian virtue aside.  I am not an atheist as Orgeron seems to gleefully apply the appellation without understanding the distinction.  If I believed there was no God, I would say so.  While I do not mean to question Orgeron’s beliefs, which are his business alone, I do pose a few questions.

Isn’t their some admonition in the Good Book against bearing false witness, casting the first stone, judging one’s fellows, etc.?