Commission approves Heritage Crossing Phases 4/5

Construction has begun in earnest at Heritage Crossing apartments.

On Monday the City of Gonzales’ Planning Commission signed off on two separate preliminary plats for Heritage Crossing.  Abuzz with activity, the acreage in the southeast corner of the Hwy 30/Hwy 44 intersection is being prepared for construction of the city’s Performing Arts, Conference & Events (PACE) Center.  Residential construction is underway, 300 apartment units and 50 residential lots already approved in Phase 1.

Construction of the PACE Center is set to commence this week if all goes according to plan.

Phase 4’s residential plat…

includes another 52 lots.  Phase 5’s commercial preliminary plat…

fronting on Hwy 30 where two restaurants will be included among the six newly-configured lots ranging from .6 to 1.7 acres.  One of the lots will house Agave Blue…

Coming Soon to Heritage Crossing: Agave Blue Tequila & Taco Bar

with another upscale eatery that Clay Stafford would not reveal pursuant to agreement between the parties.

“What is not reflected in the preliminary plats, Heritage Crossing continues to focus on building off-site road infrastructure as multiple turns lanes will be finalized well before we reach capacity,” Stafford explained to the Planning Commission.  “Speaker of the House Clay Schexnayder has been instrumental in securing approximately $6 million from the state’s general fund surplus toward achieving effective road connectivity.”

DOTD Secretary Sean Wilson has intimated that a roundabout will be built on Hwy 30, east of OLOL Hospital and west of Burnside, which can only mean it will be located at one of Heritage Crossing’s access points.  Another road within the Heritage Crossing footprint is also in the works, all in keeping with the City of Gonzales’ Master Street Plan.


“We are mindful of the need to divert traffic from Hwy 30 onto Hwy 44,” Stafford assured.  “When the city extends our existing road westward to the hospital, we anticipate substantial use by motorists who will be able to avoid Hwy 30.”