Cointment cites “stacking of subdivisions” as factor in flooding

Last night, myself, Ron Savoy, John Diez, Todd Elisar, James Leblanc and many other Parish employees were out during this rain event. We all recognized that this is a very similar event to what happened in the Bluff Swamp area this past May. Without the official overall rain totals (preliminary shows up to 7” in 2 hours), we all realized that some of the major contributing factors of this flooding, are the result of 25 years of inadequate drainage requirements and the stacking of subdivisions on top of one another.

As we see these events becoming more and more frequent we as a governmental body must plan that this rain is the new normal and our current standards are no longer acceptable. This is the reason why we went to Harris County, not to look for a new form of government, but to look at regional detention solutions for flash flooding events.

This is why the moratorium is in place, for any new subdivision it is imperative that we find a way to ensure that their foot print will not have flooded streets and homes. New subdivisions can no longer be built with inadequate drainage structures and also cannot flood adjoining properties.

This must be implemented as soon as possible. These projects will take time to implement, but the process must be started. Please, let us all come together to solve these problems, we simply cannot afford to delay. Our people are suffering and we cannot stand idly by. I will do everything in my power to help facilitate getting us all working together to get this accomplished.

  • Some photos taken by President Cointment, others provided by residents

Parish President Clint Cointment