City of Gonzales confronting more acute drainage issues

Friday (October 23)

Is drainage in the City of Gonzales worsening, especially on Burnside north of Hwy 30?  Those of us who can remember when the city’s main drag was two-lane blacktop know the drainage pipes under the “new” roadway are undersized and Burnside (from Hwy 30, north to Worthey) is frequently overtopped during heavy rains.  It’s always been that way.

Your writer can recall stalling out in front of the newly-built post office in front of Fairwood Subdivision.

Worse still, residents along Orice Roth Rd, west of Burnside, are dealing with flooding issues that seem much more acute than recent years.

Is the situation getting worse?  Sure seems like it given Friday’s rain event (see above) though we are not immune to recency bias.

The larger question; is anything being done to address the problem?