Citizen proposes idea to bolster Development Code’s Traffic Impact Study policy

Letter from Jeff Pettit to Councilman Chase Melancon who chairs the Strategic Planning Committee:

In regards to preliminary plats; we have seen developers time and time again in the required traffic studies use future road improvements in their calculations. If they wish to use those calculations then I suggest they present actual data based on observations collected 30 days or more after final completion of the improvements and not on projections, much like the argument you made in regards to the Antebellum development on Hwy. 73.

This would and will assure the residents of our parish that the true and actual impact has been taken into account.

I would also ask you to consider, as chair of Strategic Planning, consideration of requiring, at developer expense, an independent 3rd party review of drainage work. A review of planned vs as-built drainage would and will be of great benefit to all parties and would assure existing residents that the drainage work will and does in fact function as designed.