Change Order for New River Dredging project would add 153 days

Heavy equipment positioned just west of Dutch’s Cleaners on Burnside.

Boone Services, LLC has entered the City of Gonzales as its dredging of New River proceeds apace.  Progress has been hampered by “supply chain issues” and the necessity of avoiding “existing utilities” that resulted in a request for a Change Order from East Ascension Drainage Board.  Boone is seeking an increase to the original contract amount and a 153 day extension (see agenda item below scheduled for EA Drainage’s Monday meeting).

Approval of Change Order No. 1 to the contract with Boone Services, LLC for the New River Drainage Improvement project to allow for an increase of $8,225.00 (0.17% of total contract) for necessary drain line offsets to avoid existing utilities and to increase the contract time by 153 days to account for equipment, material, and service delays associated with COVID supply chain issues. The new completion date would be May 15, 2023 (H.Davis Cole, P.E.-Project Manager, H.Davis Cole & Associates,LLC).

The company will soon have to negotiate multiple bridges, a train trestle and winding channels as it approaches Gonzales’ main thoroughfare.

View westward from Burnside Ave between Dutch’s Cleaners and Riverside Barbershop

The silting in of New River has been a known problem for quite some time, evidenced more clearly by…

New River viewed eastward from Burnside.

Compare that to sections of New River already dredged.

Note depth of channel and sloping

Viewed from the east, striking image of increased capacity in New River

Recently dredged section approaching city limits

EA Drainage Board, in combination with successive parish governments, has contemplated the dredging project more than two decades according to former Drainage Director Bill Roux.  What’s an extra 153 days?