Parenton guilty of intentional subterfuge or rank incompetence

Intentional subterfuge or rank incompetence?  Those are the only possible explanations for Parish Attorney O’Neal Parenton’s latest attempt to game the system and betray the citizens who pay his salary. By letter dated October 19, 2018 Parenton requested an AG’s opinion asking two questions: (1) Can Ascension Parish through a Charter Amendment make the Planning Commission […]

Is CPEX listening? We have no infrastructure; No more development

There seems to be a disconnect between Center for Planning Excellence’s (CPEX) work product and the public input being put in at multiple Open House meetings to gauge citizenry sentiment on the way to confection of a new Master Land Use Plan.  Hundreds of sticky notes attached stuck to CPEX’s slick displays overwhelmingly convey one message […]

Livingston Parish Council approves/denies subdivisions (but Parenton says Ascension CANNOT)

Livingston Parish has a planning commission, but its council is the decision maker when it comes to approval/denial of subdivision developments.  Meanwhile, here in Ascension, the Parish Attorney insists state law prohibits our parish council from doing the same. Like Ascension, Livingston is a Home Rule Charter municipality.  Its charter, at Section 7-06, includes: A. […]

Charter Revision Committee hoax a disservice to members, council, and citizens

25 years ago Ascension voters, by a wide margin (64% to 36%), opted for Home Rule adopting the Charter which has been amended once to revise the Employee Appeals Process.  Those of us who pay attention to such trivialities concur that it could do with further tweaking, others believe drastic changes are in order.  While A […]

Speaking of Utilities boondoggles…AWT/William Daniel and $306,200 of taxpayer money

BOONDOGGLE- a wasteful or impractical project or activity often involving graft (Merriam Webster) If you thought Ascension’s purchase of Peoples Water Company on the parish’s west bank was a boondoggle, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  While the dilapidated water system cost $5.9 million to acquire, at least the parish acquired it (what price would the system fetch on […]

ABOLISH Planning Commission: The Oak Grove Townhouses debacle

Witnessing the Planning Commission’s March 14 RECONSIDERATION of once denied Oak Grove Townhouses first hand, something was amiss.  Upon review of the YouTube recording it was much worse; an outrageous contortion of parish procedure, a suspension of the rules to give another developer its way.  If this is the how it’s going to be Ascension’s […]

Commissioner Anthony Christy changes vote to approve (once denied) Oak Grove Townhouses

Who didn’t see this coming?  When Ascension’s Parish Council, meeting as Planning Commission Appeals Board on February 15, referred Oak Grove Townhouses back to the commission which had denied the plat on November 8, 2017, the die was cast.  And, seven come eleven, Dantin Bruce Development was a winner (naturally) on Wednesday because Planning Commissioner […]

RECONSIDERATION of once denied Oak Grove Townhouses: The fix is in.

The March 14, 2018 agenda for Ascension’s Planning Commission has been published and it includes RECONSIDERATION of the previously denied Oak Grove Townhouses preliminary plat.  Four commissioners rejected the plat on November 8, 2017 after which Dantin Bruce Development appealed to the Parish Council seated as the Planning Commission Appeals Board on February 15.  Rather than do […]

President Matassa, Sheriff Wiley, judges address heroin use…Advice from an addict

As a recovering addict/alcoholic it is a source of irritation when politicos politicize “the scourge of illegal drugs.”  A fusion of ignorance and hypocrisy generally results in a spectacularly abject failure like America’s War on Drugs.  At least once a year I have to vent and my (toned down) rant comes early this year. The […]

Tommy Martinez, Kenny Matassa, and the TRUTH! (?)

One Thursday just after Kenny Matassa announced his candidacy for Ascension’s Parish Presidency the current occupant of the position summoned, well invited, this writer to his Donaldsonville office.  Tommy Martinez wanted to talk politics.  Martinez insisted that he would neither support, nor endorse, any candidate but would stay abreast of the race like any ordinary […]