Ashland/St. Landry connector road opened for traffic

Connector road viewed east to west from St. Landry

On Thursday Ascension’s Parish Council accepted the “Substantial Completion” of the connector road, approximately .5 miles linking St. Landry and Ashland roads.

Running parallel to, and just south of Hwy 30 west of the City of Gonzales, the idea is diversion of work traffic from the major state road accessing Ascension’s vital petrochemical industry in Geismar.  The new connector affords easy access to Edenborne Parkway, itself built for much the same purpose in addition to providing a second route to Lamar Dixon Expo Center which is fronted by St. Landry.

The project construction budget, initially $1,145,424, came in at $1,226,933 after a change order.  The overrun ($81,509) is due to the subject site being “boggier” than initially expected.  Original design called for building a limestone base with 3,623 square yard which ended up being increased to 11,455.7 square yards which accounted for over $70,000 of the budget increase.