Ascension Drainage announces new Bluff Swamp Project

Officials with East Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage District #1 Board and Parish President Clint Cointment have announced an agreement on a new project that should help alleviate flooding and facilitate drainage in the Bluff Swamp area.

The LA Highway 74 Flood Relief Project will allow high water from the Bluff Swamp to flow through a proposed box culvert under LA Highway 74 and towards New River

During both the 2016 Flood and the high-water event in May of this year, water from Bluff Swamp drained south through an undersized 36-inch pipe culvert under LA 74 and through the Morgan Swamp on its way to the New River. The Parish will install a new 6’ x 6’ box culvert that will allow more water to drain at a lower elevation. The natural drainage canals in Morgan Swamp have already been cleared and opened, giving storm water a clear path to New River, and then on to the Marvin Braud Pumping Station. There will be a backhoe on site to close the cut to New River to help prevent backwater flooding onto residents south and north of Highway 74.

This project will also maintain the storage capacity in Bluff Swamp, which is critical to sustain its detention capacity and to keep properties from flooding.

This announcement comes one day after the Drainage Board and Parish Administration agreed to terms to keep the two unified and focused on drainage.