Arcane medical marijuana laws and remarkable story of local man who resists

July 16, 2006 was the last day I got to see my step dad alive.  He was so sick from chemo but he told my mom that he was going to boil crabs for me before I went back to Wyoming.  We boiled crabs and it was one of the best days of my life.  I flew back to Wyoming the next day because that’s where I was working.  On October 24 I got a call in Wyoming to get home as fast as I could.  In 24 hours his fever went from normal to 106 degrees and before I got to the hospital the doctors had declared him brain dead, pulled the plug and let him die in peace.

Six years earlier he had been diagnosed with stage 4 multiple myeloma in all the big bones in his body.  I watched a 260 lbs man go down to 175 lbs with his first treatment of chemo therapy.  He couldn’t eat any thing, he threw it all up.  The medicine they gave him only made it worse so, when I heard that pot might help settle his stomach I went out and got him some.  I brought it to him and he threatened to beat my ass for bringing that in his house.  I stood my ground and told him he could smoke it or I was going to hold him down and shove it up his ass (and I was going to do it).  He smoked a joint and within 30 min he was asking my mom to cook him something to eat.  He held his food down, gained weight back while going through chemo, and he went through 7 rounds of chemo before he caught a cold.  It killed him in 24 hours.  He didn’t have enough of an immune system left to fight off the common cold.  I kept him supplied with pot the whole time he was sick and it helped him tremendously!

Two years ago my mother’s boyfriend was diagnosed with lipoid cancer.  We did a lot of studying ( because the internet was better and we could find out more) because he didn’t want to go through chemo therapy.  Through our study we found Rick Simpson on youtube and watched hours of his videos of the testimonials of people that made this oil on there own and cured most of the cancers out there.  He wanted to try the method but the product on the street was poor quality.  I decided to grow it and a lot of hard work went in to getting the first of his medicine going.  We made the first oil and he started taking it by mouth and also rubbing the oil directly on the tumor on his neck.  In weeks the tumor was a quarter of the size.  He did this the first two months before they did 30 rounds of radiation.

The doctors told him that about half-way through the radiation he would have to get a feeding tube installed because they were going to burn his throat so bad he would almost lose his ability to swallow.  He would lose all taste buds in his mouth and he would have to have someone drive him to his treatments.  I had to grow a second batch of medicine just so he’d be able finish the radiation.  After his radiation was over and he rang the bell at the hospital with no feeding tube, still able to talk and eat.  On a doctor visit a couple of weeks later the doctor asked him what he did that kept him with all of these abilities that people after 30 rounds of the same treatment didn’t have.  When he told the doctor what he did the doctor suspected as much and said “don’t quit.” just a couple of weeks ago he had a PEP scan to see if there was any cancer in his body and it was all gone.  I know it helped before he started the treatment, you could see it.

I had the set up to help other people, so what do you do?  You learn how to help people better.  I will confess, I make oil for people with cancer.  I also got several friends off opioids.  It cost a lot of money to do this.  What was taken when they busted me was going to a lung cancer victim and a breast cancer victim.  Last week I told them that it would be ready for them in two weeks.  Now I have lost my ability to help them.  I got out of jail Thursday, May 16 and I had to call these people and tell them that I could not help them.  It breaks my heart that I had to tell a very close friend that I can not help her mother.  She also informed me that it is a very fast moving cancer, and they found it in her brain and hip.  The tumor in her lung has almost doubled in size.

I know it’s against the law, but I can’t sit by and not help these people.

This is the first message that was on my watch that i read when i got out of jail…

I AM YOUR LORD! Seek Me as Friend and Lover of your soul, but remember that I am also King of kings—sovereign over all. You can make some plans as you gaze into the day that stretches out before you. But you need to hold those plans tentative.

Anticipating that I may have other ideas, the most important thing to determine is what to do right now. Instead of scanning the horizon of your life, looking for things that need to be done, concentrate on the task before you and the One who never leaves your side. Let everything else fade into the background. This will unclutter your mind, allowing Me to occupy more and more of your consciousness.

Trust Me to show you what to do when you have finished what you are doing now. I will guide you step by step as you bend your will to Mine. Thus you stay close to Me on the path of Peace.

They will make war against the Lamb, but the Lamb will overcome them because he is Lord of lords and King of kings—and with him will be his called, chosen and faithful followers. —Revelation 17:14

For the last year as I’ve worked hard to keep everything in balance.  When I had no idea how I was going to keep the lights on, the Lord has answered my prayers and provided a way every time. When i couldn’t afford the fertilizers the lord provided a way.

I have sacrificed a lot in the last year or so for something I believe in with all my heart.  Man’s laws are wrong.  I’m not mad that I got busted, I’m not mad that I’m going to lose all my guns.  I’m mad that I had to tell these people that the cops signed there death warrant and took away my ability to help.  I’m mad that, because I’m trying to help people, that I might lose the one thing in this world that I love above all else and that’s my little girl.


I’m going to fight this with all my heart because I know its right!




In the last month I’ve been taking my mom to a lot of doctors and the hospital too many times. We’ve found out she has an ovarian cyst that is pushing on her colon. They haven’t come out and said it’s cancer yet. I’ve made the medicine from pot that I’ve gotten off the street. It’s not the right medicine because it won’t make her sleep. I had all the right medicine in my stock that the cops took. It’s been legal in this state for four years but the only way for you to grow it is to be a state run grow. The state does not offer RSO oil to heal cancer.  The state offers watered down shit!

People need to open there eyes to the plants that god put on this earth to heal ourselves with. I’ve seen marijuana heal people that modern meds couldn’t do!