AP and School Board join forces for road improvement at new high school

Proposed improved around Prairieville HS

Appearing on Thursday’s meeting agenda of Ascension’s Parish Council, two Cooperative Endeavor Agreements (CEA) envision joint ventures of AP Government and the School Board to make road improvements at two high schools.  Prairieville High School set to come online in 2024, $6,771,300 worth of improvements in the Parker Road and Parish Hwy 929 corridor are planned with the parish assuming 57.6% of the cost ($3,903,273) compared to the School Board’s share $2,868,026.

The Council Finance Committee, comprised of the full council, already signed off on the CEA so Thursday’s vote is a mere formality.

Anticipated to open in the fall of 2024, the 320,000 square-foot campus will include classrooms for 2,000 students…and it will necessitate newly-drawn attendance boundaries to be decided by the School Board.

Over the years numerous parish elected/appointed officials have bemoaned the Board’s failure to pony up to mitigate the adverse traffic impact caused by a dozen or so new schools constructed since the turn of the last century.  The CEA is a step in the right direction.  The breakdown of costs:

The School Board has received, according to the CEA, $870,000 from the state.  It will dedicate an estimated $610,000 worth of land for Right-of-Way to the project, always a difficult aspect of road-building.

Further west a smaller project is in the offing to alleviate traffic congestion on Hwy 73 where Dutchtown High School is.  Carrie Lane will be extended to Hwy 74, affording rear access to the school intended to divert some of the traffic.  Ascension Parish will fund 53.7% of the $777,800 project.  The cost share breakdown: