Animal Services Board appointed with oversight of $1.3 million annual tax revenue

Photo of Shelter as of August 2015. Tax revenues are dedicated for a new facility.

Ascension’s inaugural Animal Services Board was appointed by the parish council on November 21, 2019.

Fenton Lipscomb 11/21/19 -11/21/23
Sharla Roussel 11/21/19-11/21/23
David Berniard 11/21/19 -11/21/22
Jean Ingrassia 11/21/19 -11/21/22
Wanda Sittig 11/21/19 -11/21/22
Nina Wager 11/21/19 -11/21/21

The roster of board members includes their respective terms, staggered to avoid the need for wholesale reappoints at any given time.  Responsible for administering the funds derived from the one-mill property tax approved on December 8, 2018…

the Board will also include a parish council member, undetermined as yet.  The full text of the ballot initiative reads:

Shall the Parish of Ascension, State of Louisiana (the “Parish”) levy and collect a tax of one (1) mill on all property subject to taxation in the Parish (an estimated $1,300,000.00 reasonably expected at this time to be collected from the levy of the tax for an entire year) (the “Tax”), for a period of ten (10) years, beginning with the year 2019 and ending with the year 2028, for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, improving, maintaining and operating an animal shelter for the Parish, including necessary equipment and facilities therefor?

The Animal Services Board has yet to meet.