Top Questions answered about Stealth Employee Monitoring

Many people have lots of misconceptions about stealth employee monitoring, ranging from what it actually is – to how it works. And on top of that, some may not understand what it can do either.

If you’re still uncertain in any way about stealth employee monitoring, it may help to look at the answers to some of the top questions that people have about it:

What is stealth employee monitoring?

As its name suggests, stealth employee monitoring is a type of software that is designed to stay stealth while tracking the activity of employees. In other words it runs invisibly in the background while keeping an eye on what employees are up to.

What can stealth employee monitoring do?

Stealth employee monitoring software can come in different shapes and sizes, each of which has different features too. There are some cloud-based solutions out there, as well as others that take the form of on-premises software.

In the case of Controlio, it is a cloud-based platform with features that will let you track apps and websites visited, attendance, active and idle time, or even see a feed of the user’s desktop or record it as a video. It can also automatically calculate a productivity score for individual users or departments.

What are the benefits of stealth employee monitoring?

Monitoring employees can be very beneficial, in several different ways. It let you gather important data that you can use to track employee attendance, improve productivity, reduce time wastage, boost security, and make better business decisions.

Simply put, the data that you obtain will let you improve your business and how it is run on several fronts. It may even help you ensure compliance with various privacy and data security regulations.

How does it work?

Typically stealth employee monitoring software consist of a monitoring platform as well as client software. The client software will have to be installed on your employees’ devices and will run in the background afterwards.

Because Controlio is a cloud-based platform, it has a web console that you can log into when you want to use it. Aside from letting you track your employees via its interface, you’ll also be able to download and install the client software on any PCs that you need to.

Is it legal?

‘Spying’ on employees stealthily may not sound entirely legal, but in general it is as long as you’re only monitoring their tasks while they’re at work. That being said the law on monitoring employees may vary in some jurisdictions and you may be required to inform them or obtain their consent beforehand.

As a rule of thumb it is best to check what the law is in your state or legal jurisdiction before starting to use stealth employee monitoring. After all it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

Should employees be informed?

In general it is best to inform employees that they are being monitored, and come up with a detailed written policy as well. Not only will it help protect you legally, but it will also help to ensure that your employees don’t feel you are invading their privacy or that you don’t trust them.

Informing your employees and creating a policy will give you the opportunity to let your employees know what to expect, and what you expect from them. It will also let you explain the reason why the business needs to start monitoring employees, and how their personal data will be protected.


Hopefully that should answer most (if not all) of your questions about stealth employee monitoring. If you want to know about Controlio specifically you should visit its website and click sign me up!

Frankly speaking, stealth employee monitoring is actually not as complicated or technical as it sounds – especially not with the user-friendly tools and software available nowadays.