Thomas Mayeux for Constable-2nd Justice Court


I’m running for the office of Constable for the 2nd Justice Court.  This position is an elected one which will serve the people who correctly utilize the 2nd Justice Court, whether they are Ascension Parish residents or not.

NOTE:  Early Voting begins today for the November 3 election.

Contrary to some public expressed opinion, the Constable serves as a peace officer for the Court and serves the papers…and does NOT have any bearing over matters before the Court.

With this position being an elected one, there is no conflict of interest for a Justice of the Peace and Constable who happen to be related by blood or marriage.  That is according to Louisiana’s Attorney General, Opinion No. 94-100.  The prohibition under our nepotism law has no application to elective positions, applying only to the hiring of family members by the individual in governmental authority.

While I will perform all duties required of a Constable in keeping with the law, ultimately, I would be answerable to the constituents of 2nd Justice Court if I am so fortunate as to earn your vote.

The office of Constable should have a respectful working relationship with all justices of the peace, making sure that all pleadings are filed in the appropriate court.  I look forward to improving the working relationship between the Constable and Justice of the Peace.  As your Constable I will strive for excellence in everything I do and to make the office one that Ascension Parish can be proud of, one that can be trusted to handle each constituent’s business efficiently and legally.

To me success is “what you do with what you know, and what you will do with that information.”

As Pastor Scott always ends his message on Sundays, if you strive to what’s right, THE BEST IS YET TO COME.”

Be strong, stay strong and I believe in Ascension Parish.


Thomas Mayeux, Candidate

Constable-2nd Justice Court