The best part of Christie Mayeux’s job in 2nd Justice Court

Christie Mayeux is seeking reelection to as Justice of the Peace-2nd Justice Court on November 3 (Early Voting begins on Friday, October 16 through October 27).  She finds herself in a contentious contest against an opponent campaigning alongside the incumbent candidate for the 3rd Justice Court, a no-no according to the Code of Judicial Conduct.  Irksome as it is, Mayeux chooses to conduct her campaign above board and with a positivity lacking in a tumultuous age.

On the morning she sat down with us Christie Mayeux was “feeling too good to get dragged down by petty politics.”

She had just officiated a wedding, Mayeux’s “very favorite thing about the job, by far.  Most people don’t realize all the things a Justice of the Peace does,” she explained.

Justices of the Peace have civil jurisdiction when the amount in controversy is $5,000 or less.

According to Louisiana Revised Statute 13:2586 a Justice of the Peace “shall have…

  • criminal jurisdiction parishwide as committing magistrates and shall have the power to bail or discharge, in cases not capital or necessarily punishable at hard labor, and may require bonds to keep the peace;
  • concurrent jurisdiction over the litter violations occurring anywhere in the parish in which the court is situated;
  • concurrent jurisdiction over the violations for removal, disposition, or abandonment of objects, of a value not to exceed ($5,000).

A justice of the peace who renders a judgment shall retain original jurisdiction over that judgment, the enforcement, and collection of garnishments, judgment debtor examinations, and the issuance of any writ to enforce its judgment.  They may also issue eviction notices.

“A justice of the peace makes decisions every day which affect peoples’ lives,” Christie Mayeux sounded a solemn note.  “It is a serious duty that I take seriously.”

Mayeux stressed that most individuals appearing before her court are unrepresented by counsel, frustrated and oftentimes fearful.  She does her best to explain any given situation within the limits of impartiality because “I view myself and my staff as public servants first and foremost.”

Mayeux points to her 24 years of experience in the legal field, working for law firms focused on various specialties and six years with the 2nd Justice Court before winning election as Justice of the Peace in 2016.  She attends annual seminars and conferences to continue a legal education to better serve the citizens of the district.

All of which makes Christie Mayeux, hands down, the more qualified candidate for 2nd Justice Court.