To James Landry: Why are you running for Justice of the Peace?

It is a question we have posed to the candidate, of whom we are extraordinarily fond, why is James Landry running for Justice of the Peace?  We have not received an answer.  James has innumerable qualities which we admire, none of which suit him to be Justice of the Peace-2nd Justice Court.

The job is a serious one, at least to anyone having business before the court.  To his everlasting credit, James is among the least litigious people we’ve had the great pleasure to befriend.  He is ill-suited to the job and lacks the knowledge vital to performing its duties in a manner befitting the sacred trust; neither is he up to speed with the Code of Judicial Conduct which prohibits certain activities.

It is common knowledge that Landry and 3rd Justice Court incumbent John Hebert are campaigning in tandem (see image above).  Both are in violation of…

A Judge Or Judicial Candidate Shall Refrain From Inappropriate Political and Campaign Activity

F. Other Partisan Political Activity. A judge shall not engage in any other partisan political activity except on behalf of measures to improve the law, the legal system or the administration of justice, or as expressly authorized by law or by this Code.

G. Applicability. Canon 7 generally applies to all incumbent judges and judicial candidates. A successful candidate, whether or not an incumbent, is subject to judicial discipline for his or her campaign conduct

The conduct is prohibited (a free piece of advice, and not the first we’ve offered).

Rumor and conjecture about his motives running rampant, we purposely avoid engaging in speculation even while our curiosity is piqued.  We invite James Landry to explain his candidacy for all to hear.