Steven Tureau’s success as prosecutor distinguishes his judicial candidacy

Touting more than 1,000 Criminal Convictions as a prosecutor, Steven Tureau is running for Judge, Division D of the 23rd Judicial District Court on November 3.  Tureau’s experience, in addition to maintaining a thriving civil practice in Ascension, includes a highly successful stint as a criminal defense attorney providing him “a unique perspective that distinguishes my candidacy.”

No District Attorney hires unsuccessful defense attorneys to prosecute felonies.  While  Tureau could earn a lot more in criminal defense, “ensuring the safety of our friends and neighbors is my calling.”  He looks to continue “serving the people of Ascension, Assumption and St. James from the bench, ensuring the rights of every citizen are respected while making our citizens as safe as they can be.”

Tureau began prosecuting felonies in 2013, securing those 1,000+ criminal convictions; and prison sentences for murderers, child abusers, sex offenders, drunk drivers and those who have jeopardized the safety of law-abiding citizens throughout the three-parish district.  He has worked for Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, a particular pleasure for this passionate outdoorsman.

His opponent has spent over two decades representing alleged criminals, a lengthy stint in Ascension’s version of Drug Court attempting to shave years off prison sentences for drug dealers.  Prosecutors, like Steven Tureau, cannot secure valid convictions without competent counsel on the other side.  Tureau, himself, did a tour in the Public Defender’s office before joining District Attorney Ricky Babin’s staff.

In his private practice, Tureau handles all sorts of cases, successfully representing clients in successions, contracts, real estate transactions, family law and personal injury matters.  Many local businesses rely on him for their legal needs.  Tureau is admitted to practice in all Louisiana state courts and United States District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana.

Every judge on the 23rd JDC bench must preside over all manner of cases, criminal and civil which includes family law.  Steven Tureau’s wide-ranging experience further qualifies him to be Judge-Division D.

Early Voting begins on Friday, October 16 through October 27 (excluding Sundays).