AP Schools raises $26,552 in Hurricane Relief for Calcasieu Parish Schools

Ascension Public Schools, along with the local community, raised $26,552.91 for Calcasieu Parish Schools’ hurricane relief efforts. Ascension schools held dress down days, the district accepted additional online donations, and local businesses like EATEL donated to the cause.

“After the Flood of 2016, Ascension Public Schools benefited greatly from the generosity of others to include funding, a helping hand, and just overall encouragement. We know that our community recognizes the importance of opening schools, a critical step toward a community’s recovery from a disaster. Due to the overall generosity of the entire Ascension Parish community, we are able to support one of the many school districts impacted by Hurricane Laura, joining others who have been sending support to those impacted communities. We look forward to their successful recovery as we keep them in our prayers for courage, determination, and resilience,” said Ascension Public Schools Superintendent David Alexander. “A big thank you to Ascension’s schools, students, families, businesses, and the entire community joining in to support this effort!”

Students in Calcasieu Parish began to return to school last week with additional schools opening this week after Hurricane Laura devastated much of Southwest Louisiana on Aug. 27, 2020. The public school system is facing roughly $300 million in repair costs after 74 of 76 buildings sustained damages.

“We are grateful for the support received from our neighbors, both near and far. The kindness and generosity of the people in Ascension Parish is incredible, and we can’t thank Ascension Parish Schools enough for spearheading this effort. This donation is a true example of the Louisiana spirit, and that’s what will keep us going as we continue rebuilding foundations for the future,” said Calcasieu Parish Schools Superintendent Karl Bruchhaus.

At a recent Ascension Parish School Board Meeting, local telecommunications provider EATEL presented a check for $2,500 to contribute to relief efforts.  The donated funds from Ascension will be sent to Calcasieu Parish Schools this week to use immediately.

ABOUT CALCASIEU PARISH SCHOOLS: The fifth-largest district in Louisiana, Calcasieu Parish Schools serves over 33,000 students at 35 elementary schools, 11 middle schools, and 11 high schools. In addition, the school district has two career and technical facilities, one academy of learning, four alternative facilities, and two K-12 schools.

For more information about Calcasieu Parish Schools, visit www.cpsb.org. For more information about Ascension Public Schools, visit www.apsb.org.