ARPEC 2020 election endorsments

Below are the legal endorsements of the ARPEC for the November 3rd Election.  Any other endorsements on Facebook or other media are illegitimate.  We are republishing our original press release to clear up any confusion.  Please be aware that there is a group attempting to mirror our organization, but they are counterfeit and do not have authority to endorse on our behalf.

September 30, 2020

The Ascension Republican Parish Executive Committee is pleased to announce their endorsements for the upcoming November 3rd election in the following races:

  • Public Service Commission (PSC), District 1-Eric Skremetta
  • District Judge 23rd Judicial District Court, Division B-Aaron Chaisson
  • District Judge 23rd Judicial District Court, Division D-Christopher Bridges
  • Justice of the Peace, 2nd Justice Court-James Landry
  • Justice of the Peace, 3rd Justice Court-Lynell Johnson

Each candidate filled out a questionnaire.  This was followed by an interview with the ARPEC Endorsement Committee who gave a recommendation to the full Executive Committee for a vote.  Each of these candidates was recommended to the full committee and received a majority vote for endorsement.

We want to thank all candidates who went through the process and wish them well in the upcoming election!