Cody Martin: “Drug dealers go to jail, drug users get help”

Cody Martin

Cody Martin, candidate for Judge in Division B of the 23rd Judicial District Court, has witnessed the ravages of addiction up close during a legal career on both sides of the criminal justice bar; Martin served as a Public Defender before going to work for District Attorney Ricky Babin in 2015.  He came to realize that iron-fisted justice must be tempered with compassion.

As part of the team representing local public entities against opioid manufacturers, Cody Martin understands the severity of the crisis facing our country.

“I have no sympathy for drug dealers, purveyors of destruction who prey upon human weakness without regard for the harm caused.  But too many of our young people get caught up in a situation beyond their control, addicts whose suffering is felt so keenly by families and society as a whole.  Drug dealers go to jail, drug users get the help they need,” Martin summarized his judicial philosophy.

He singled out the District Attorney’s Narcotics Diversion Program…

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for particular praise.  The candidate would like to see the 23rd Judicial District Court support the program more vigorously.

“Here in Ascension we are spending nearly $30 million for a new courthouse.  We need to show our community that we value our young peoples’ health and well-being just as much,” Martin said, vowing to “push for more, and more effective ways to help those battling addiction.”

The sentiment does not extend to those feeding addiction, though…

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“APSO and Gonzales PD both do great work in catching dope dealers.  I think we need to reconsider the means and methods for punishment of users to make room in the penitentiaries for these, in many cases, career criminals,” Cody Martin declared.

He credits “the lessons learned in a criminal court room, interacting with victims’ of drug dependency to understand the toll addiction takes on families and society” for his ideas.  It’s that experience which separates Cody Martin from his opponent, a 20-year defender of insurance companies against private individuals…and little else.

“When I’m not representing the State of Louisiana and other public entities, my practice has been devoted to fighting for the rights of actual people.  I’ve represented clients in family court, small business owners and practiced in nearly every area of the law,” Martin distinguished his career, conceding that “Every individual, even a corporation, is entitled to a day in court before a fair judge to ensure the laws are applied impartially.”

How can a career insurance defense lawyer be expected to judge criminal trials…or family law…or business law…?

“Massive dockets continue to grow after eight months of COVID-19 delays.  Your next judge needs to hit the ground running in all areas of the law,” Cody Martin asserted.

Cody Martin is the only candidate for Judge, 23rd Judicial District Court-Division B who has the wide-ranging experience to do the job.

Election Day is November 3 with Early Voting from October 16-27.