Tureau versus Bridges for Division D judgeship

On November 3 voters in the three-parish (Ascension, Assumption and St. James) 23rd Judicial District will decide two seats on the bench.  The Division d contest features Steven Tureau against Christopher BridgesWhat separates the candidates; what do they want you to know about them?  Here’s what the respective candidates included in their campaign literature.

Steven Tureau highlights “Nearly 1,000 criminal convictions” as an Assistant District Attorney in DA Ricky Babin’s office since 2013; and he has successfully prosecuted some high-profile cases in recent years.  Tureau enjoyed success as “an indigent defender” evidenced by the fact that Babin hired him in the first place.

Christopher Bridges touts his wide-ranging experience, highlighting his two decades in the Public Defender’s office “representing those unable to afford legal representation.”  In the early 2000’s Bridges was assigned to the 23rd JDC’s Drug Court.