LA awarded $42 million to improve literacy outcomes

The Louisiana Department of Education has been awarded a $42 million competitive grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The Comprehensive Literacy State Development Program Grant (CLSD) will enhance literacy efforts for high-need students across the state.

“We must ensure every student is a proficient reader before they exit elementary school,” said State Superintendent of Education Dr. Cade Brumley. “These funds will serve as a catalyst for a renewed commitment towards lifelong literacy in Louisiana.”

The funds will enable school systems to:

  • Form Literacy Leadership teams and work with literacy coach coordinators
  • Provide training to implement and support high-quality, evidence-based literacy activities
  • Engage early childhood educators, teachers, principals, other school leaders, paraprofessionals, specialized instructional support personnel and instructional leaders to support in the literacy development of children
  • Engage families and provide family literacy activities

The purpose of the CLSD discretionary grant is to create a comprehensive literacy program to advance literacy skills. The grant totals $42 million over five years. Over the five-year grant, LDOE will serve 550 local leaders, 2,600 teachers and 67,000 disadvantaged children, birth to twelfth grade.

“These funds will help us bring a collective focus back to student literacy, which is a vital component to future success as an adult,” said Dr. Brumley. “The power of literacy cannot be understated.”

The Department will soon provide more information to school systems about this grant.