Embrace It All empowering girls of Ascension

Founder Shanna Williams centered with the beautiful girls of Ascension Parish who were all excited to smile

My name is Shanna Williams and I am the founder of a new nonprofit organization for girls of Ascension Parish named Embrace It All.  The mission behind it is to empower and uplift female adolescents in the Ascension community-leading them into a successful, positive, and fulfilling life!

Embrace It All reached out to girls of the Ascension area and had a successful empowerment photoshoot. Each girl created their own poster with a empowering quote that they loved, and had a blast smiling and laughing for this visual. Photo credit to the amazing photographer Jordyn Blazier.

“She overcame everything that was meant to destroy her” by Carmi Burnett

“You are powerful, beautiful, brilliant & brave” by Victoria Canella

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” and “She believed she could do she did” by Avery and Olivia Ockman

“Stay positive even when it feels like your life is falling apart” by Laila Williams

“Be a voice not an echo” by Addison Rome

Believe in yourself” by Zariah Jones

“No matter how tall, small, old, or young you’re still beautiful” by Imani Steib

Samirah Major and Maileigh Jones

JaNya Ray, Aalayah Brown, Avery Ockman, and Aiyana Felix

Zariah Jones and Aiyana Felix

Olivia Ockman, Olivia Jarreau, and JaNya Day

Addison Rome, Carmi Burnett, and Molly Kilgore