P & Z to consider 60-townhome development at junction of Hwy 44/42 (Wednesday)

Lakes at Henderson Bayou

September 9, 2020 ­ 6:00 PM


(1) Call to Order
(2) Roll Call of Members
(3) Minutes

a. Acceptance of the Minutes of the August 12, 2020 Meeting

(4) Introduction of Staff
(5) Chairman’s Comments
(6) Public Hearing to Recommend Approval or Denial to the Parish Council to Consider the following:

a. Review ID­PZ­2337.20 – Tract A­2 for Sura Family, LLC Located on the west side of LA Hwy 44 to amend the Ascension Parish Zoning Map from Mixed Use 2 (MU2) to Small Planned Unit Development (SPUD)

(7) Adjourn

The Lakes at Henderson Bayou is being proposed via Ascension’s Small Planned Unit Development regulatory scheme.  The proposal envisions “60 two-story condominium units with approximately 66,120 square footage of building space.  The site will be accessible by an entrance located from La. Hwy 44.”

The subject property is a 4.74 acre tract “located on the west side of Hwy 44 and about .16 miles south of Hwy 42…Currently it is vacant land with a Cellular Tower, surrounded by a Daycare Center, Cell Tower, and Single Family dwellings.”  Sura Family, LLC is the applicant and staff recommends approval of the SPUD.

From applicant’s Traffic Impact Statement:

The Lakes at Henderson Bayou is expected to cause minimal impacts on Hwy 44 and the adjacent intersections as it is expected to generate fewer than 40 trips in a peak hour.  The proposed access will provide adequate sight distance for left and right turn movements when exiting the driveway.

Given the paucity of trips projected, a Threshold 1 Traffic Impact Study is called for (according to Quality Engineering) to satisfy Ascension’s Policy:

  • Proposed trip generation and distribution
  • Source of trip generation information
  • Sight distance evaluation

Ascension’s Engineering Review Agency offered no comment.

Additional information from Wednesday’s meeting packet:

Creating a Walkable Neighborhood:

The proposed development will have sidewalks throughout to provide circulation around the condo’s and the entire site creating a nice connection and allowing for easy access to the amenities like the mail kiosk, ponds, fitness stations and the playground/pavilion.

Construction and Maintenance:

The proposed SPUD development will be constructed in three phases with two buildings (1 & 2), the playground, pavilion, mail kiosk, both ponds, the trash drop off area and associated parking constructed in phase one. Buildings (4 & 5) along with the 2nd mail kiosk and the associated parking will be constructed in phase two. Building (3 & 6) along with the associated parking, walking path and fitness stations will be installed at the completion of phase three. Once construction is completed, a Homeowners Association will be formed to assume the responsibilities of the property maintenance and up-keep.