Quadrennial Reassessment reveals 20% increase in average property values

Your Ascension Parish Assessor’s Office has completed its quadrennial reassessment of properties in Ascension Parish.  Being a daunting task, our skilled employees with many being certified have performed admirably.  As your Assessor, I assure you any reassessment was and will be completed with the fairest and equitable procedures available to this office despite the continual increase in real estate values.

For the past ten years, we have experienced a 20% increase in the average sales price and a 3% increase since last year alone.  An increased assessment means your property is worth more when you go to sell it.  (See graph above).

Every four years all parcels in the State of Louisiana are required to be reevaluated to see if any significant changes have occurred that would increase or decrease the assessed value of the property according to the guidelines set forth by the Louisiana Tax Commission. The Tax Commission is governed by and acts on the authority of your elected Louisiana legislators and the 2020 reassessment will be based upon an effective date of January 1, 2019 for all appraisals.

Because of COVID-19, I expanded our open book period from 15 days to encompass the entire month of August.  Letters will be mailed July 31st.  If you receive a letter and have any questions regarding your assessment, please go to our website, www.ascensionassessor.com, to schedule an appointment to first review your property by phone.  If it is determined your problem requires an in-person meeting, then it will be scheduled after the phone call by someone from our office.  All offices are now open to the public according to the waiting area restrictions imposed by the State Fire Marshal and if you have an in-person meeting we kindly request for you to wear a mask when entering the facility as per the Parish.

With this in mind, please remember the monies generated from the annual tax roll go toward funding all parish and city services that are necessary for our residents to maintain the quality of life they have come to enjoy here in Ascension.  We have the best education system in Louisiana.  New fire departments are currently being added and the older ones brought up to required standards.  Our libraries are fulfilling its service by asking the voters to consolidate and lower its millage rate.  Ascension’s unprecedented growth has placed additional burdens on our law enforcement, so our Sheriff’s Office must grow in proportion.  We are also very fortunate to have a vast community of seniors and our Council on Aging does a wonderful job of helping them to maintain productive lives.  All of these things are funded or partially funded by the monies generated from property taxes.

I felt it important to remind the citizens of Ascension Parish that I am honored and humbled to serve you and we value accuracy so you can count on us to always be fair and equitable on property assessments for all citizens of our parish.



M.J. “Mert” Smiley, Jr., CLA

Ascension Parish Assessor