Representative Kathy Edmonston endorses candidates for ARPEC

Kathy Edmonston

After serving 12 years on the Ascension Republican Parish Executive Committee and being elected without contest for a fourth term, Rep. Edmonston would like to support the following candidates for the ARPEC election scheduled for the July 11th presidential preference primary.


  • Brad Bourque
  • Kathryn Goppelt
  • Al Robert
  • Greg Neff
  • Jackie Sandefer


  • District #2: Christina Guidry
  • District #8: George Valentine
  • District #9: Cheryl Fontenot
  • District#10: Pam Alonso

“I have been honored to serve with so many like-minded Republicans on our local Republican committee; pro-life, pro-family and pro-2nd amendment, supporting limited government, religious liberty and personal property rights.  We have fought and defeated local tax increases and preserved the right for every registered voter to vote for the parish president.   We supported Donald J. Trump four years ago and we are committed to seeing the President victorious for a second term.”

The Election is Saturday, July 11th and President Trump is at the top of the ballot!

Please exercise your right to vote. Early voting goes through July 4th excluding Sundays from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm at the Donaldsonville & Gonzales Courthouses, and at the Oak Grove Community Center in Prairieville.

The election is On Saturday, July 11th and the President is at the top of the ballot.