Louisiana No. 8 in unemployment claims according to US Chamber

Americans have filed nearly 37 million unemployment claims since the beginning of March amid the coronavirus pandemic and corresponding economic fallout. While no state has been spared, the downturn has hit some states particularly hard.

New analysis produced by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce shows that the following 10 states have seen the largest percentage of their workforces file unemployment claims since the beginning of March, using their total February workforce as a baseline

Note: This analysis reflects the latest data released Thursday by the Department of Labor and covers the full months of March and April (unemployment claims filed March 1 – May 2).

  1. Kentucky  (678,911 unemployment claims; 35.3% of workforce)
  2. Georgia (1,607,607 unemployment claims; 34.8% of workforce)
  3. Hawaii (212,295 unemployment claims, 32.2% of workforce)
  4. Rhode Island (156,457 unemployment claims; 31.4% of workforce)
  5. Michigan (1,339,700 unemployment claims; 30.4% of workforce)
  6. Nevada (421,418 unemployment claims; 29.7% of workforce)
  7. Pennsylvania (1,739,237 unemployment claims; 28.8% of workforce)
  8. Louisiana (563,070 unemployment claims; 28.4 % of workforce)
  9. Washington (974,517 unemployment claims; 28% of workforce)
  10. Alaska (81,385 unemployment claims; 25.6% of workforce)