Tips for businesses as Louisiana enters Phase 1

As Louisiana prepares to enter Phase 1 of the White House’s plan to reopen our economy Friday, the BBB has some great tips for you and your business to consider, as you prepare to reopen under these new restrictions.

No matter your type of business, you’ll want to have certain policies in place to keep yourself, your family, your customers and employees safe.

–      Follow CDC guidelines for social distancing.

–      Limit the number of customers who come into your business, and allow room for customers to spread out.

–      Reduce your occupancy to 25% as the Governor mentioned.

–      Allow employees who can still work from home to do so.

–      Maintain touchless and virtual options, such as pick-up and delivery.

–      Consider removing “self-service” tools, like salt and pepper shakers, ketchup bottles, napkin dispensers, pens, community devices, etc.

–      Have sanitizing wipes, sprays, gels, etc. readily available and in multiple places throughout your establishment.

–      Start a regular regimen of sanitizing door entrances, handles and light switches.

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