Ascension’s first case of Covid 19 confirmed, more on the way

President Clint Cointment, accompanied by Dr. Chris Trevino (OLOL Ascension) and Coroner, John Fraiche, M.D.

The press conference addressing Covid 19 in Ascension Parish ended moments ago, reiterating all those points being made for days on end.  Symptomatic or not, isolate yourselves “to slow the disease’s spread” and slow the virus’ spread to avoid the local medical services being overwhelmed.  Parish President Clint Cointment confirmed the first Ascension Parish case, and there will be more diagnosed.

As more testing occurs “we’re going to have more cases” according to Coroner John Fraiche, M.D.  It is inevitable and an undisclosed number of individuals are under observation and quarantine.

“We know the virus has arrived…and will make its way across the nation,” added Dr. Chris Trevino of OLOL Ascension who likened the contagion to a flood.  “(If) too widespread, too quickly, medical services won’t be able to keep up.”

It is imperative “to isolate ourselves to slow the disease’s spread.”  Efforts are underway to establish a testing facility which, hopefully, will be operational within the next few days.  Spread through human contact, isolation through “social distancing” is the best way to prevent infecting others.

“If you feel sick don’t go the the emergency room, don’t go urgent care, and don’t go to your doctor’s office,” the coroner advised.  “Contact your physician first (because) video visits are preferable.”

80% of those who contract Covid 19 demonstrate minimal symptoms.  Comorbidity, the presence of secondary disease or condition, which exponentially increases the chance of serious health risk including death.  The elderly are at particular risk.

To minimize that risk, adopt the following:

  • Stay home if you are sick (Avoid contact with those who are sick)
  • Social distancing (Limit face-to-face contact and avoid unnecessary travel)
  • Cover your cough
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Disinfect frequently touched surfaces
  • Be a good neighbor; call to check on elderly neighbors/friends

Also attending the press conference were Sheriff Bobby Webre, the mayors of all three Ascension municipalities, OHSEP Director Rachel Wilkinson, and Parish Council Chairwoman Teri Casso.