He’s back (and suing DA Ricky Babin)

Wrong election, Mr. Painter (September 2019 presidential candidate’s forum)

He’s the lingering whiff of that noxious smell that just can’t be eradicated from the nostrils.  Murphy Painter, the erstwhile parish presidential candidate who never really had a chance in 2019, has time on his hands and a grudge consuming his thoughts.  On February 11 Painter filed a Petition for Mandamus against District Attorney Ricky Babin seeking production of a recording, forwarded to the DA in June 2019, in which Painter pontificates about “unreported rapes” and corruption in Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Obsessed with a cause already lost and best forgotten by relegation to the dustbin of local history, the miserable Murphy Painter will not (probably cannot) let it go.  Too creepy to inspire anything like pathos, an embarrassing blight on the local body politic excised when the overwhelming majority of voters rejected him, Painter just can’t get no satisfaction…or respect…or admiration…or whatever it is that would prop up his fragile ego.

So he’s heck-bent on dragging whoever he can down with him.

And he’s found the perfect mouthpiece to facilitate his quixotic delusion that he still matters, a kindred spirit and failed candidate in her own right…

2018 election for Parish Court judge, not to be confused with five seats on the 23rd District Court bench on the ballot in November 2020.

Kim Landry lost the 2018 election for Ascension Parish Court Judge (her opponent garnering 58% of the vote).  Misery (and desperation) loves company and these two deserve each other.

This is not the first Painter/Landry collaboration, having teamed up to sue Pelican Post and your writer in the attempt to obtain a copy of the recording at issue.  Thinly disguised as a petition for injunctive relief against further dissemination of said recording, what Painter really desires is the identity or identities of those who recorded his rabid ravings.  That did not go so well for the prickly pair (and we thoroughly enjoyed embarrassing Painter and Landry in open court).

What was their actual objective?

Well, Painter’s self-perpetuating delusions of grandeur having crashed down around his ears last October, all he’s got left is a demented and sad (not even social) quest for revenge.  With no more viable political race to run, sorta makes sense.  The same can be said for his lawyer.